Bourbon Barrel Stave Coaster Set with Holder

Bourbon Barrel Coasters

Cut from Genuine Bourbon Barrel Stave – with Holder

Bourbon Barrel Candle Holder

Bourbon Barrel Candle Holder

Genuine Bourbon Barrel Stave Candle Holder

Custom Burned Genuine Bourbon Barrel Lid

Laser Burned Bourbon Barrel Lid

Add any logo, company name or family name to a bourbon barrel lid

Moon Dawgs creates custom designed items from genuine bourbon barrel lids with your logo or company name to display around your home or office. All items still retain the charred finish on the back from the distillery.

Let us customize bourbon barrel lids to display as wall-hangings, lazy susans or serving trays for everyone’s favorite adult beverage. Bourbon barrel coasters include a slotted barrel stave holder to store and display.

Candle holders made from long or short staves from bourbon barrels come complete with candles and votives in a variety of lengths to fit your decor.

Oak bourbon barrel lids can be laser-burned with family name and established date for weddings, as a guest signing board, that can later be hung on the wall.

Large logos will get everyone’s attention when hung over the bar area in your home, restaurant or bar.