Hardwood Custom Cutting Boards

End-Grain Cutting Boards

Solid Hardwood End-Grain Cutting Boards with Feet

Specialty Wood Cutting Boards

Exotic and Specialty Hardwood Boards

Custom Logo Designs with Colored Epoxy

Epoxy Inlay Boards

Add any logo, company name or family name to hardwood boards

Custom cutting boards can be designed with a variety of specialty woods to create interesting patterns and natural wood figurations.

Any company logo, family name or date to remember can be burned into the wood or colored epoxy inlay patterns can create dynamic designs.  All cutting boards are sealed with at least three coats of food-grade mineral oil to make your special handcrafted item last a lifetime.

Add a juice-groove or leave the board flat, because each cutting board is handmade, you are the designer.  Let us help you with a free proof of your board with the design of your choice.

New extra large Brisket-Boards are selling in lengths over 28″ long.  If you want to be the master of the bar-b-que, the perfect display is a custom design with the Grill Master’s name burned right into the wood.